Set Marcina:1. Main Theme from The Addams Family (1964)2. Necessary Evils - Glory Hole3. Halloween (dźwięk z filmu)4. GG King - Standing in the Light5. Orgy of the Dead (dźwięk z filmu)6. Liminanas - The Darkside7. Haunted George - Ghost Train8. The Thing (dźwięk z filmu)9. Demon’s Claws - Put On my Sunday Dress10. The … Czytaj dalej

[grafika: Zach Harris]PPT#1: i had an excellent dreamThe Coolies - God Take Me–Ozzie - Organic GardeningThe Twinkeyz - Wild LoveTerminal Cheesecake - Terminal HeadfuckKaleidoscope - Test Signal/Looking GlassMordecai - Pictures Of Her With ThemLos Saicos - Cementerio–Patsy - Eat ItPredator - YouLeather Towel - Growing PainsCounter Intuits - Actors Running SoundDentists - I Had an … Czytaj dalej